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This is a rant-style thread, so if you don't like that sort of thing then move on.

My son and I set out to buy a couple Rincon's last week at Nault's Honda in Manchester, NH. I called there and the sales manager seemed okay to deal with over the phone. When I got there, he had forgotten my name, and forgotten the fact that I told him we were coming in to look at a couple Rincons. I wanted a red one, and my son wanted a black. They had neither color in stock, but assured me that they were coming in the next Tuesday. Mine came in, and my son's did not.

To make a long story short, they didn't know anything about my son's machine, where it was, or how long it would take to get one. Every time I called back, or went there, they acted like it was the first time. Again, the salesman didn't remember me or what I was buying.


Yesterday I bought my wife a new Rancher AT at Keene Motorsports and got sterling service! Great place! My son called me on his way home from work. Naults Honda still had not gotten any word on his rincon, or when it was coming in. The delivery truck had already been there that day. I told him to just go to Keene Motorsports, and that they had a nice black rincon just sitting there.

So he did.

7:30 last night, as my son was on his way back from Keene Motorsports with a brand new black Rinny in the truck, Naults Honda called us and said he could come pick up his Rincon tomorrow at noon. WTF??? I called my son and told him. Naults must have yanked a balck rinny out of their butt somehow, but why couldn't they have been upfront and honest about it? Anyhow, read on...

My son called Naults from his cell phone. He got their voice mail, it being after hours by now. He politely told them that the deal was off, and he'd be coming by tomorrow to pick up his $1000 deposit.

At 9:00 PM he got a call from the very same dickhead sales manager that sold me my bike, and the guy was cussing out my son for dropping the deal! He was yelling at my son, over the phone, at 9 oclock at night. How unprofessional can you get?

Between my son and I was giving them $15k in sales and they acted like we were nobody. I didn't want my ass kissed, just wanted to feel like they genuinely cared about the sale and about my welfare, which all good customer service contains. All in all, I will never go back to Nault's Honda, and I will never recommend them to anyone.

On the other hand, Keene Motorsports was like a breath of fresh air. People genuinely enthusiastiuc about the sport, and smiling faces all around. A bright, cheery place with lots of bikes. They sell Honda, Yamaha, suzuki, kawasaki, polaris, victory, and bombardier. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
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