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New display in an older bike

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Hi all, been lurking for a bit as I've repaired a few 680's. Just wanted to give back some info I was looking for and couldn't find.

I had an 07 and an 11, both of them the 4WD light was burnt out, and the neutral light was burnt out on one of them as well. And of course, they had some oxidation in the plastic from sunlight, overall didn't look great.

A replacement display/meter for the 2006-2014 Rincon is almost $400 from Partzilla. Ouch. Knowing the Rincon has basically been unchanged since the 06 year, I checked 15+ meters. It fits from 2015-2018 Rincons. It is $280, so moving in the right direction.

Finally I looked up the 2019-2022 meter. It is $185 on Partzilla and only $155 on MotoSport! I checked the wiring and what I could from pictures, and everything looked like it would be plug and play - so I ordered it.

Just installed it today and can confirm everything works and is completely plug and play.

Some minor differences
Check engine light instead of FI light
Reverse lights up orange instead of red
Over Temperature icon is different

Of course, you will lose your current hours/miles as they are stored in the speedo and not in the ECM. It's kind of a moot point though as the screen is only good if you can read it, and this helps a lot.

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Great info, thank you!

And welcome to the site!
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