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I just took possession of my dad's '03 Rincon 650, and I know I will need some help with it in the future. This site has already been a big help in picking out oil for the oil change I'm going to be doing today (Amsoil Formula 4-Stroke 0W-40).

I live in northern MN, and we have owned this wheeler for about ten years. It's been used on state trails, our hunting land, and even Dad's hometown which allows ATVs to operate on the city's streets. It's brought home game, groceries, and even car parts and hardware when needed. We got it used with 4000 miles, and now it just broke 5200 yesterday. My plans for it are to maintain it and keep it running for as long as possible. It currently has a set of ITP Mud Lite's on it, and I may get another set of wheels and tires that are less aggressive for in the yard.

Here's a picture of it after checking deer stands. This has been the most capable ATV in our camp, and usually 4wd is not needed. I have found if I need it, I am somewhere I shouldn't be :D


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