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NYC & Jones Beach Memorial Day Air Show

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Welcome to New York City (The Big Apple) & Brooklyn :), the City that never sleeps..


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Extra cool
Those are awesome pictures.
Loved the pics. I always wanted to be a pilot.
Yea, they are great pics for sure.. Its the greatest city in the world (to me)..

Kinda sad that we are missing the Twin Towers :-(... I know many (personally) that were lost, almost lost my best friend and brother in law, and I used to do some work regularly in the towers, but not that day...

New construction on the new building(s) and memorial are under way.

God bless all that were lost.
This is what was.

It will just never be the same.

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I had thought about the Twin Towers being in those pics had that fateful day not occurred. And a tear still comes down when I think about it. I had also just given thought (in the same instant) that the 2 year anniversary of Federal Government's levee breach following Hurrican Katrina is this month...sorry...eyes are watering again.
I hear ya BD, sorry for all you had gone through w/ katrina, along w/ everyone that had been involved on that dreadful day... Tears are good, not sure if they help, but they are always there :-(
That some bad ass shots ! ! ! what i like is they ran the relics with the late models. . . Old tech n new techperforming in harmony. . . Now as for the tiwn towers yea its sad they fell. . . But them towers took more hits than anyother building i know of and they stood pround and strong threw many bombings they even held in there a Good long while after the 9/11Plans hitthem. can you imgine the lives lost if they would have instanly ? ? ? soMORN those lives LOST!! ! ! ! andCELEBRATE the durability of AMERICAN ENGINEERING ! ! ! ! ! " will put a boot in your ass its the american way ! " Mike D
Damn red x's!! I'll have to check it out when I get home tomorrow night.
Yea you do that ! Don't them red Xs suck ! ! !
There has never been a more beautiful bird than a P51 Mustang.
I am a pilot and one of those is just a dream.
Loved the pics. I always wanted to be a pilot.
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