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offset stock rims

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can anyone tell me what it is the offset (front and rear) of stock rims?
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The offset is 5 + 2 for the front and the rear. Factory rims are 7 inches wide. The bolt pattern is 4 / 110, just incase you needed that too.
Are you sure the stock wheels are not different widths? It seems the front is narrower that the rear.
The service manual says the front rim is 12x6.0 and the rear is 12x7.5, it doesn't say what the offset is.
The fronts are 12x6 with aprox 1.75" offset, The rears are 12x7.5 with about 3" offset.

The 12x7 offset is 2" front and rear.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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