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Only a few more days until the 450R!

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There is only 6 more days until Honda shows the 450R to the public. It will be the baddest one out there! It is rumored to have 48-53hp. We will see...
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For what it's worth, my Predator made 52 hp at the countershaft when bone stock... but it weighs quite a bit more than the YFZ450 and I would be utterly shocked if the 450R doesn't end up weighing the same as or more than the YFZ.

Heck, for that matter, the DS650 also makes 52 hp from what I've read, but when you put that into a 500+ lb package, what does it matter? :)

I get to watch it via a webcast offered by the honda riders club on the 10th! Will see it the same time as the dealers.
That's awesome. I wish I could see it all happen. I wonder if Honda will be showing anything else besides the 450R. Maybe a bigger engine for the Rincon, a more powerful 650, or a whole new utility quad?
I'm registered on HRCA too and it looks like the Sept 10th date is a crock. The actual intro is at midnight PDT on Sept 11th. HRCA members can see it starting at 8:30 PM on Sept 10th.

AND... the news on the HRCA website says it's for motorcycles, there's no mention of ATVs. Hmmm.

No, it's for ATVs. Someone has already got a hold of a picture of the 450R and it's spreading all over the internet like wildfire.
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If you look real close you can see the photo is a fake. It's of the Arctic Cat DVX400, and somebody has carefully written "TRX" on the side. Either that or the 450R is a virtual dead ringer for the DVX.

Nope, that's the real thing.
Here are some specs I have heard.

kickstart only
aluminum rear swing arm
steel upper frame
aluminum sub-frame
dual piston from brakes
Where did you get those specs? I watched the video and they gave no real specifics. Honda is also offering a cam/carb kit/spark arrestor hop up, $300 MSRP.
I heard those, right before Honda released the real specs.
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