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Performance gains after valve adjustment

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Did anyone notice a substantial gain in power after your first valve adjustment?
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I plan on adjusting my valves this weekend or later this week. It's supposed to rain for 2 or 3 days so I'll have plenty of time to do it. I'll let you know... I doubt they're even out of adjustment.
Well, I had my vavles adjusted at 30hrs. They said they were a little off and went ahead and adjusted them. My Rincon was starting to bog quite a bit. Most of it was from the dirty air filter. But, after they reset the valves and cleaned the air filter it ran alot better. I'm not sure about yours though.
I dont really think I did....
Dave, lets get the power tech and dyno kit...then we'll be done...
The MBRP is on its way as of 9/15/03. I said I was going to leave the Rincon stock (performance wise)oh well its only $$$ Now I have to get the DJ kit.
Dave...where did you order yours from...I need to catch up!
Checked my valves at 300 miles.. they were spot on. Darn.. was hoping they were off so I could squeeze a little more out of er.. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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