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Ok, yesterday I got the idea of making a snorkle type of intake for the Rinny. I don't like the look of a snorkle, but want the performance they give with the extra, colder air. So today I tested out some rubber tube I have. It was the exact size I needed, but it's big and bulky heavy rubber. Anyway, I didn't mess with the jetting or anything and took off the plasic right in front of the seat to run it out for a test. Without changing any adjustments to the carburetor it runs smooth. It just plain screams now. The intake seemed to have helped ALOT. But eventually, I am going to get a lighter shop vac type hose like the others use. Only the thing is I am not going to run this out as a full snorkle. You could call it something like a "cold air intake" for cars. I want to cut a hole in the plastic in front of the seat and run it out a little ways. Just enough so it can breath lots of cold air for more power. Here is a picture of what I am wanting to do. Where the yellow dot is, will be where I am going to cut the hole. By the way this is not my Rincon it is a picture I found and is the best shot I could get.
What I am trying to get at is a way to make this look like a clean installation. I thought about putting a small scoop over it (sorta like a hood scoop) facing foward to keep debry and stuff out of it. Because I don't want just a big open intake tube coming out of the plastic if you know what I mean. The scoop sounds like it would be the only way to go so far, but I don't have a clue what I could use for the scoop. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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