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plow mount with skid plates?

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I've got an '03 Rincon with the PRM full belly skid plate. Now it's time to start thinking about a plow. I'm wondering how the two will work together? I would prefer not to remove the skid because it works so well in the deep snow recreational riding. Anyone have any experiences with this situation. I'm willing to lightly modify if necessary, but don't want to cut up my beautiful skids too much.
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Also I have not dicided on a plow brand yet, just a 60"er.
hey lizard, might want to try a swisher snow plow,its a neat system and you wont have to drop your skid plate.the push tube runs the full length of the rincon and hooks into your might have to modify your cv boot shields on the front where the leaf springs are pinned to the can look at the system on cabelas far mine has worked great.the only drawback is it only comes in 50"
i have a 52" cycle country STATE PLOW ,BOY IS THAT SOB HEAVY !!!! i had a 48"er on my rancher just a straight across plow and this state plow weighs almost twice as much (maybe 10lbs shy of half if memory serves me right),just be sure to check the weight of them good, hate to see you make a mistake ! if you are in deep snow country check out the state plow i paid 350.00 for the comlete pkg.including mount ,and the manual QUAD BOSS lift sys. (very little effort to lifting it and it stays on the plow.) thanks for yer time!
I just got a 48" cycle country plow and mounting tubes with a warn 2500lb winch installed and love it. I have used it four times so far with up to eight inches of snow and have no trouble if in 4wd on the Rinny.

I choose the 48" because of my 100' sidewalk.

I have a AP skidplate on. The dealer installed my plow stuff and when I got it back I noted the work order said 'modified skid plate' I forgot until I read your question. I will have to take a look underneath when I have a chance.
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