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Popping sound in rear end

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Have a 2003 Rincon 2500 miles. Just started having a popping sound in rear end when I back up or when I apply back brakes. Cain't seem to locate the source of sound.Anyone have any idea's on what to look for I welcome your comments.
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popping...thats a tough one to mentally "picture"... but I would go looking at,

CV joints, and to see if anything is caught up in the rear disk brake...

of course you could do as my shmuck of a dealer suggests, and ride it till it breaks...

personly,,, I would site down, drink a few beers and think about it... beer always helps me to think..
What about a broken brake pad....... Just something else to check since it is only in reverse......
Pass me one of those mudchucker!!!..LOL
well mine did that exact same thing and it was the right inner cv joint,actually the splines that go in the rear end had gotten so rusty and were making the noise..of course i figured this out after replacing the rear drive shaft and both outer joints..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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