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PRM skid package

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Where are you guys getting your PRM skids?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts The best product out there by far.
Yes, good products, but you will be modding it if you want to use a hitch, drain the rear diff oil or install a plow.

I've had mine off 3 times now to do mods to accomodate these these (most of which shouldn't have needed modding anyhow).
Good point bv, but I had A.P.,H.L. and Armordillo on My Rubicon and replaced each of them with another. The A.P. was just the hardware getting sheared off all time, the H.L. and Armordillo were torn off completely due to the mounting tabs breaking. I will drill a hole and trim the rear hitch area before I will replace another skid plate. Don't plow...use a truck.

PRM all the way!!!
PRM definatly the best out there.Worth the money. Quality product.
Anyone know anything about "Aluminum Products" skid plates? They are a heck of a lot cheaper...
Just put mine on tonight. They are very well made and stout! It did take some hole elongations to make all the bolts line up. The Dremel tool made that easy but it still took 2 hours and a little aggravation to get them all on. Still happy that I got them though.
When installing the PRMs, do not try and install them while lying on the ground or the mounting holes will never line up. Lift the front end in the air with the bike resting on the rear tires and rack and you get easy access and you can see what you're doing.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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