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Replacement Tires

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I think, after research & input, I've narrowed replacement tire choices down to the following: ITP Holeshot ATR's; GBC Dirt Devils; and ITP Mudlites. My needs are for a reasonably light, puncture resistant, all-around trail tire that will improve handling, and successfully deal with rocks and other sharp obstacles while maintaining a reasonable level of ride comfort. I would like 26's which is a problem with the Holeshots. Any advice, experience with these would be appreciated. BTW should any of these go on my stock rims?
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If you want good handling, I wouldnt put a taller tire on it because that would just make it a little more tippy. Since your looking for good handling, go with the Holeshot ATRs. I don't know a whole lot about the Dirt Devils, but not very many people run them that I know of. The Mudlites are not a good trail tire, they will wear fast and are for 80-90% muck.

I am in the same boat. I am also looking to replace the stock tires, but would like a great all around tire. I would add the 489's to your list as well. Never rode any of them, but have read their reviews. All in all, for me, the stock tires have proved well in semi-dry hill climbing, trail riding and hard pack riding. They do fall extremely short in the mud.

From other posts, I like the review of the Holeshot ATR's, but I have not read where they will still allow you to throw your bike sideways in turns like the stock tires. Over all the ATR's look like the best trail and/or motocross traction tire for those of us that do not mud much. I do like to throw the atv sideways when you get a chance.

I also am looking to the opinions of this forum as to a great all around replacement for the stock tire.

I don't know about the Holeshots ability to throw the machine sideways. I feel that the stockers tend to "push" (understeer) around corners, but that may be because my wife is on it with me most of the time.The only negative I have heard so far about the Holeshots is that they may be somewhat susceptible to punctures, which is one of the things I'm trying to get away from. The Dirt Devils are said to be tough, long-wearing, and good-handling; although, they are a little heavier than the radials.
I just replaced my stockers with 26" Mudlites on the stock rims.I did notice less roll in the turns and very good traction in the mud I dont know how they do on hard surfaces yet.They do have a soft lug compared to a 589 so Im hoping they will do well on hard pack and rocks.I do know that if you put it in two wheel drive and nail the gas they throw a hell of a roost out the back.
I've heard the Mudlites are great, but wear quicker than the DD's. Add another one into the mix for consideration, Kenda Bearclaws. They are said to have overall good performance, good wear characteristics, and are not overly agressive.
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