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Reverse rev limiter

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Does anyone know how to modify the reverse rev limiter (I think that is what it is called?) on the Rincon. I can not get any revs in reverse without the machine puttering out, even backfiring. Not good when in a hole and need to spin the tires in reverse.....
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Here are some instructions on how to override the reverse limiter. I haven't tried it, so if you aren't sure about doing it register there and post a message.
thanks for the link
Thanks for the link yellow650rincon. Sounds like it will be one of my winter projects....
No problem. But before you do it, I would post a message on that forum and ask about it.
I dont think i would want to go that fast in reverse!! whats wrong with what it does?
Sometimes when you get stuck in mud, you need that extra speed to spin the tires to get out. That's all.
Yellow650 Rincon: Thanks for the link to the reverse override. I intalled the mod today and it works great. No more sputtering in the mud.

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No problem, I'm glad to hear it works well.
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