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Ricochet Skid Plate

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Has anybody have Ricochet Skid Plate set? If so do you like them?
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Dont have em on my Rincon,but did on my old Vinson..Very well made!
So if you had to choose between them and the PRM's. what would you choose.
PRM...a little more $$...alot more quality.
what about that company called PERFEX ..any heard any thing of them???? they are plastic ..Im not sure if I want to go plastic or aluminum for skids.....sanch
i have them on my rincon,of all the skid plates i have had on 3 different bikes,this is the first one that all the bolt holes lined up.i was impressed and after 1800 miles it has more than paid for has taken one hell of a beating...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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