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Rim - tire - size

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what size tires can I fit on my stock rims? what if I had some c-series rims?

I basicly don't understand this system?

26x9x12 ? 25x8x11 ? 25x10x12 ? 27x12x12 ?
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26 inches tall (diameter) 9 inches wide tire 12 inch diameter rim...

stock rims will take 26x10x12's on all four corners...
25x10x12 =
the 25 stands for the initial tire height at 25 inches
the 10 stands for the width of the tire at 10 inches
the 12 stands for the rim diameter at 12 inches

So 25x10x12 means that you have a 25in tall tire, 10in wide, that will fit on a 12in rim.

My 26x10x12 Mud Lites fit great with a little room to spare on stock rims. I would not mount anything bigger then say 26x12x12 on stock rims. And that is cutting it pretty close. Anything bigger on stock rims will cause you extra work like adding spacers, etc. to get them to fit. Aftermarket rims have a wider offset to allow for larger tires like 27x12x12 / 28x12x12 etc.

Hope that helps...
thank you so I can't use something that is smaller say 25x8x11
Not 25x8x11

Cause the 11 means for an 11 inch rim.... The beads are to tight on a quad tire to stretch them...

You need a 25x8x12

Tha last number must be 12 for the stock rims..........
I put 4 - 26x10x12 - Mud Lites on stock rims. There is enough room to go with 27" without modifications. My front tires rub on the baffle behind the radiator. A little modification and this is no longer a factor.

I would not go wider that 10" on the stock front rim. They won't fit the rim properly.

Another note: Going wider than 10" on the rear puts the rear right tire really close to the battery box. 12" wide will fit, but if you pack some gumbo mud on the tire, you could rip the lid off.

Hope this helps

I am going through a tire choice dilemma myself. While I understand the system, I am torn between the choices of more GC = less usable HP. Since Rincons don't seem to suffer from GC problems normally, I have opted for the 25" MudBugs. They are a compromise but should provide much improved ability in the mud along with a minimal amount of usable HP loss. I have owned these tires before and have found them to be a quality, lightweight tire with good wear tendencies. I had them on my Foreman 450es on our last trip to WindRock and they did great on the dirt/rock inclines there. Just my 2c!
This is my problem I do mostly trail riding but want to be able to go through mud and climb when it comes up. I don't want to get a big tire if I won't be able to bring the front end up. I also don't want to pay much more than $60 for a tire. I like the mud runners but they are only 4-ply and I'm afraid on punctures. These are some of the tires I am looking at any suggestions or comments would be apreciated. I may also get some new c-series type 4.

Green Ball Gator 25x10x12 25lbs $53
GBC Dirt Devil 26x10x12 23lbs $55
Good year Mud runner 25x8x12 22lbs $62

also check this out
Where is Seaman,Ohio? I'm near Columbus.
I live about 50 miles east of Cincinatti. Adams County

Maysville Kentucky is right under us.
Do you ride Wayne National Forest?
No I'm pretty new to this I ride on property that Mead Paper Company and GE own a few 1000's acres. I want to go to in Maysville. I have heard about Wayne National Forest but don't know where it is or anyone who has ever road there.

I got my MudBugs today and my bud is mounting them on the rims this evening. I share your plight! If you shop hard you can get the Bugs for near the amount of money your talking about.

You really don't have many choices though. The BigHorn's just can't hang with the clay base Florida mud we have. They load up immediately and then they're stuck. Other than their dismal performance in our mud, I think I would run them.

You could get the 25" MudLites. They are a pretty good tire, fairly inexpensive and very light. Unfortuneately, the 25" MudLites only have .75 inch lugs on them. You may as well stay with your stockers as buy these! In order to get the 1.2" lugs, you have to move up to the 26" size. Butttttt-there's another problem. MudLites do not come in anything narrower than a 10" tire in the 26" size. That means you have to run 10" in the front which not only makes for a noticeably heavier steering effort but also provides for a little more mud slinging outside of the fenderwells.

That brings you to the choice I made. The 25" MudBugs are actually a few ounces lighter than the 26" MudLites. The Bugs come in a 8" width for the front and the best part is, the 25" tires have the 1.2" lug heighth. These tires ride very nicely on roads, trails and rocks. Do a search on any of the forums and you will be hard pressed to find any negative comments. There are better mud tires like the Outlaw, Mudzillas, etc, there are better trail tires like the ATR, BigHorn, etc., but I am unaware of a better all around tire for all of it!

Sorry for the long post--just my 2c!
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I am surprised at all they posts, both here and on the Highlifter forum, on different sized tires and the amount of steering effort. I'm not a big man by any means(5'8", 170lbs)and I run 26X12's on all four corners. I have never had a problem steering them unless I snag a root or something, and in a case like that, any size tire will grab and yank you around. My opinion is: Put the tire size you want on the thing and be a man about it.
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