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I just bought an '05 Honda Rincon less than one month ago. I am having issues with it overheating. I have read the other posts in the forum and attempted to take that information to a dealer to have it checked out. However, the dealership that I went to was unable (I think unwilling) to discover anything wrong with the quad. It used to overheat after about 4 hours of moderate riding. It now overheats in about an hour. The overheating problem has been occurring consistently for about two weeks. I was told that it was an issue with mud clogging the rad, but I have two buddies with water cooled quads whose is caked with mud and rarely washed. They have no overheating issues (they both have models other than Honda). I washed the quad really well and rode today--no mud and it still overheated. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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