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Rincon Brake Problems

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Today before I left the trail after a long day of riding, I noticed that my brakes basically stopped working. My left brake is really tight and my right brake is really soft. They still work but I have to squeeze the shit out of them. Its kind of like the difference between power brakes and non power. I looked in the resevoir on the right handle bar and noticed that there is no brake fluid in there? I know I need to fill that back up but does anyone have any good ideas on how I should approach this.

Has anyone had any problems like this?

Thanks for any help you may offer.
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First of all, fill it back up with the required brake fluid. Now, are you talking about your front brakes or both front and rear (you said left and right brake, not sure if your talking about brake levers)?
Take the screws out on remove the cover. Fill it up with the proper DOT tated fluid. You will probably need to bleed the system several times before you get the air out. But, the question is, what caused the fluid to disappear?? You may have a line/hose leaking.. I would consider bringing it to the dealer!
I have the oppisite problem,When I touch my front brake lever it'll lock the front wheels up at low speeds.Is this normal??If your going down a long hill they seem to work better the longer you hold it(they stop locking up as fast)Thanks for any advice,you guys seem to know more than the dealers around here..
new guy,
sounds like you have moisture in them,either water or grease from the seals..time to check them and reseal can take the little red plug out and rotate the wheel to see what you have in there...reseal them then you will need to adjust them..
Hi guys and thanks for the input, after looking closer (as in taking off the front and rear resevoir cap) I was wrong they are both full of clean fluid, it just looked like they were empty. Do you think that I just got some water in their or something temporarily? Now after sitting over night they seem to work again. I pulled out the caps and nothing came out. Oh yeah I foregot to mention this started happening after my SUCCESSFUL snorkel testing. I had it in water up over the Handlebars all you could see was the snorkel sticking out of the top of the water. Thanks again in advance for any input.
Thanks for the advice Toolman,I'm going to check them now.
Did you snorkel the breather lines on the front drums?
I sure wish my front brakes worked well enough to lock the front wheels. They've never been that good... heck they're virtually useless. About as useful as trying to stop your car with the e-brake.

I'd get the disc brake conversion for it except I refuse to buy anything from Highlifter. Instead I'm researching the possibility of adapting Grizzly 660 front brakes to it.

Would it be safe to assume that your not selling your rincon then rob? I know you are not happy with it right now and I definitly feel your frustration with the top end speed problem! I am going to give mine until the summer (warm weather) and see if that helps (i also changed the oil to ligher weight). If the bike is still not going over 58MPH I will want to take it behind the house and shoot it like you do a lame horse LOL! Seriously though, dont let this "problem" beat us...I would really like to figure out what is causing it...something is! Because mine brand new would do 63MPH easy! now...BARELY hit 58
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