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Rincon dies in water?

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I finally had a chance on Saturday to hit the mud and water holes with my Rincon. It has never been really mudded until this past weekend. It was near 70 here then and we had a fresh rain the night before. In the 20's today, go figure.. The 1/2 wore out stock tires did a fair job. Only got stuck 4 or 5 times in a 3 hour period. Damaged the cable on my new winch on its second ever use. It balled up on one side and the upper mounting plate pinched about half way through the cable.. err..

Back to the question. My rincon died about 5 times while going though some fairly deep water. Just below seat level. It always started right back up though. Any suggestions on how to cure this problem? Or as to what is causing this?
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Yes, there are two hoses on both sides of the carburetor. They need to be T-eed off and run into one hose up towards the center pod.
Here is a picture. Look on the carburetor and you will see two black hoses conected with a white T.

I can't seem to get the photo to open. It says file not found when loading the link you posted. So I went to your web site and found the photo. I can view the thumbnail but then get a file format error when trying to enlarge. I also tried to save the photo and open with an Adobe Photo editor and still get the file format not supported error? .jpg format does not seem to be the problem as it is one of the most common photo file formats.. Any thoughts? And thanks for the quick reply!
Do you have a roller or hawse fairlead? What caused the pinch?
Lizard, I have a roller fairlead. It lookd to me like the top half of the winch mounting bracket pinched the cable as the cable did not roll back up properly while pulling another atv from a mud hole. I had about 30ft of line out, started the cable back in and the winch just stopped with about 8ft to go. We did not try to help guide the line back on the winch as it was still under high tension attached to the other atv. The dash lights dimmed every time you tried to go back out or in with the cable. After unhooking from the other atv, looked it over, saw it had balled up on one side of the winch, I hooked the remaining 8ft of line to a tree and ran the line out while backing up slowly. Problem fixed, but saw what had happened to the cable. The new warn winch seems to be fine as we used it a few more times later on. I don't like the thought of just cutting off 8ft to 10ft to fix the cable as one may need that extra 10ft one day. I'll shop around for a new cable soon.

The warn winch is well worth the money. It is quite amazing how much the little thing can pull.
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Go with plasma rope.
parkgt- what is plasma rope?

Can some one point me to instructions to modify the Carb Hoses??

Thanks in advance
It's easy. Take the seat off. Look at thr top of the carb. There are two small diameter hoses beside the carb cover. These hoses look like they come out of the carb and go back in, but the just route back down beside the carb. Pull these two hoses out away from the carb( one end will be loose ). You can either run new longer hoses or extend these hoses the straight ( not tees as stated above ) vacuum connectors and run the hoses up to the handle bars.
There is another carb drain hose that comes out of the bottom of the carb and goes over towards the pull starter and down. This is kind of optional as it has a one-way valve in it. This hose can just be plugged temporarily if you go into deep water for long ( a golf tee works well ). The other important thing would be to use dielectric compound on the spark plug boot or any other electrical connections.
Even with all this waterproofing, your quad will still stall in deep water at idle. However now you will be able to keep it running by keeping the revs up. The cure for this would be to snorkle the exhaust.
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Thanks for the help guys.. I will re-route the hoses this weekend.

Hey parkgt, Is this what you are calling plasma rope?
Sorry about the link not working. This one should work it does for me.

fomoco, what is wrong with T-ing off the lines? It's worked for me for a long time now.
Rinny03, Like fomocofan stated, buy some more hose 1/8 i.d. and 3/16 i.d. about 3 feet of each will do, and some inline connectors. I removed the bolt on the right side that holds the plastic and routed the hoses around the gas tank and up into the display pod. Tie rapped them to the existing hoses that go up there and water will never get in. I also ran a mini-snorkel up from the existing air intake tube up through the piece of plastic between the seat and the gas tank and put that black cap on top of the 2" shop vac hose and screwed it to the plastic. I ran through seat deep water with no hesitation this weekend.
RedRincon- OK I will give it a shot.

I have my Rinny all snorkeled up too and had deep water trouble. I finaly found that water was getting in the connector at the ignition box (or ECU?)located between the airbox and battery on the right side. It's a bitch to get to, but if you remove the rear break reservor it makes it easier. I just gooped it up with die-electric grease and had no more trouble. Also, I ran my snorkel up to the pod using vac hose. Can't tell it's there.
No offense Yellow (330), but what are you teeing off?? The hoses come from the carb and are open on the other end....a T would leave one end open! You need a straight connector to extend the hoses or replace them right from the carb!

I don't see how or why you would use a T connector....
What are you talking about? I took TWO hoses from both sides of the carburetor and used a T connection, which has three openings. I took both of those hoses and hooked them into two sides of the T. I then took the last opening and hooked a larger hose onto it and then ran it up out of the way where steam can't get to it. It's basically like tieing both lines together into one larger hose and running it up out of the way.

Have a look for yourself.

Yeah, that's the K&N sticker I'm sportin off right there given me a 5hp boost! LOL
Ok, I got it...I would be concerned about that being too restrictive...but I guess if you want to save the extra $2 for hose ok, but I opted for two hoses all the way to the handlebars!
So far it's been working just fine. I was worried about restriction right before I did it, but it's worked great. Lots of people are using this setup, they also say it works fine.
First off, thanks to all that have helped resolve my problem. This forum will always be one of the golden tools in my arsenal for the Rincon.

Yellow650Rincon - Thanks for fixing the photo link. A photo is worth a thousand words to those of us that are mechanically gas engine ignorant.

It seems like we have a case of there is more than one way to skin a cat presented here.

I have learned that the two vacuum lines near the carb., need to be routed, to at least the factory air intake, but better under the dash cover.

Why did Honda not do this from the factory????

Seems simple enough to me…
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OK- I just rerouted a thicker line and a skinny line all the way to up under the pod.I hope I got the two vaccum lines and not the drain line,but how do I know for sure??

Any more info would be appreciated,these are the only two line I could find coming out of the side of the carb that werent connected,they were pretty short also.

I hope I got the right two, It ran fine after I did it by the way.

Thanks for all the aobve Information.
You did it right!

The drain comes out of the bottom of the carb and goes over and down by the pull starter.
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