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Rincon Fram Oil Filter

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The local Walmart Superstore by Clayton NC, has just ordered a case of Fram CH 6008 oil filters that will fit on a Honda Rincon (Not sure what else these filters are used on) and they only cost $2.57 per filter. That sure beats the $8.44 I paid at the Honda dealership in Garner NC. I called Fram to verify that that oil filter would fit and here is their reply...
Thank you for the e-mail regarding the difference between the Fram CH6008 and the Fram oil filter recommended for your
2003 Honda Rincon 650. We welcome the opportunity to be of service.

According to our data, the CH6007 is the recommended Fram oil filter for the 2003 Honda Rincon 650.

The filter element dimensions of the CH6007 and CH6008 are the same at 2.70" OD x .77" ID x 1.80" H. The difference is
in the dimension and quantity of the gasket o-ring requirements that are included with each filter number for the given
application where the CH6007 and CH6008 are recommended. There are two o-rings included with the CH6007 and one o-ring
included with the CH6008. Listed below are the o-ring dimensions.

CH6007 (2 o-rings)
3.45" OD x 3.19" ID x .17" THK
.81" OD x .61" ID x .11" THK

CH6008 (1 o-ring)
.81" OD x .61" ID x .11" THK

While the filter elements may be interchangeable, the o-ring requirements of these two filters are different and are not
considered to be interchangeable.

Thank you for choosing Fram filters.


Scott Jacobs
Catalog/Technical Service Representative
Catalog/Technical Service Department

So I think it is safe to say that the filter will work.
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I have a Rubicon and the oil filter for it looks exactly like the one for the Rincon are they the same?
Fram makes good oil filters for cars. That's all I use in my cars. I would guess their oil filters are good for ATVs also. I am thinking about buying them soon. I just payed $12 for a Honda filter at my dealership!
If you have a Walmart close by go there and ask the Auto dept manager to order them for you if they don't have any. The filters are 2.58 per filter... Saves you over 200% per filter...
I'm using the Fram oil filter in my rincon. The Rubicon takes the same filter too. I posted this info. on a couple of other site's and all I heard was complaints about how someone wouldn't put a fram filter on their go-cart. I love those people. Posting things like this hopefully people appreciate.
Part # for the Rinny is CH6007.
BigMack-I was at a cycle gear shop today and opened a CH6007 and a CH6008 filter and both had 2 washers (1 large and 1 small) but the 6008's large washer was square and the 6007 was round. Hope this helps.
Thats good info...thanks.

Soujnds like ch6007 is the winner.
Yes the filters are the same but the O rings are different. However, no O Rings are used in a filter change. So either filter works...
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