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Rincon Plastic?

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Has anybody priced plastic for the Rinny?I was thinking about changing colors and was wondering about a price!
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I'd like to know this too, as I want to switch from red to green.

I'm betting either or (they also carry Honda parts) will have the best prices. Still, expect it to all total around $400-500.

Hey Rob let me find out how much the Yellow is gonna cost and I'll sell you my green if your interested!
Yeah I'd definitely be interested!! Lemme know what you find out and what shape your plastic is in once you do get some to replace yours.

Will you want to swap out racks too? The yellow and red ones have silver racks. I don't really care either way, it's your call there.

Hey guys, my Rinny is red, but I'm wanting to change to Yellow plastic. I've already changed my racks to black. I'm looking for some black c-series as well. I have priced the plastic and it was about $385.00 from my dealer. That's just for the yellow plastic itself. Not any of the black that comes on it. I will say this, I busted my floor board's and they were only $12.00 to replace. I was shocked that it wasn't anymore than that.
I also broke a floorboard. Fixed it and installed some sheet aluminum on the bottom of the new one installed with zip ties. With some 1/4in holes, now the sticks don't come through and the water still goes out, does hold a bit of mud though.
I have a full set of red I took off mine when new to switch to green. If anyone is interested, let me know.

My green plastic cost me about $350 including shipping.
How much do you want for your Red plastic?
$225 including shipping. As I said it is brand new. I actually never even rode the bike except down the street a couple times before I took it off. I could not find a green one anywhere so I got the dealer to swap for a red one and I changed the plastic. I suspect that this machine was in a dealer's show room for a while because the red does have a few minor scuffs on it but no scratches or other issues.
$225 including shipping is a fantastic price... I say that because shipping on those fenders will be EXPENSIVE due to their size. When I bought the green plastic for my Grizzly a while back, shipping cost upwards of $100 for both pieces, as they had to be shipped truck freight.

Just something to keep in mind before making a deal and coming out on the really short end of the stick.

Thanks Rob. This is probably excellent advice. When I ordered the parts myself, the dealer charged me just under $50 to ship them. They were nice enough to unbox the parts and consolidate them into smaller and fewer boxes. I was assuming that it would cost me about the same.

I revise my offer to say, I want $175 plus shipping.

I should also point out that my red plastic has all the decals on it. When you buy the parts from Honda, you have to order the decals separately. The only thing you need to add to my plastic is the little honda emblem on the bezel around the guages. This also did not come with the plastic, so I had to move it from my red plastic to my green plastic.

BTW, I got mine here:

I got great service. Talk to Nick in parts. He was very helpful.
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Is there any place out there where you can get other colors other than stock Honda colors?
Here is where I bought mine. $299.00 + $40.00 dollars shipping. When I got all of my pieces, they were brand new with no scratches. You WILL still need to buy all of the emblems which I bought at, they have the lowest shipping prices I've seen.
ZMPerformance has great prices on plastic. He is a buddy of mine out here in Oregon. He carries Maier aftermarket stuff for most quads (not Riny) and can get all the new Honda plastic as well. He sells new Maier plastic plus their blemished fenders. The blems are a great buy because the blem is usually such a small scratch or mark that you don't even know where it is after your first ride! Make sure to tell him you are from The Ricon Owners Forum. He knows about us.
As far as I know, no one is making aftermarket plastic for the Rincon yet. I know Maier isn't. Call him if you want.... 1-800-ZMP-8801
He also has tires, wheels, accessories, etc.
Does anyone carry the camo plastic for the rincon? I want to convert my 05 Green into a stealthly camo
As a matter of fact the same people who sell the plastic for the 03-05 rincons also sells the plastic for the 06-07 rincons. All that you need to do is cut a hole in the left side of the plastic for the fuel shut off or leave it hiddin and reach under the plastic to shut it off and on.
If you want to get fancy, these guys will put any design you want on your plastic.
Hey RobG I My Rinny has the green plastic which I would like to change. Would you be interested in rading your red for the green. My plastic is in very good shape. Let me know.
Rob sold his Rinny
Sorry to hear that!!
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