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Rincon prices in Canada

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Just wondering what everyone is seeing for local prices for the Rincon in Canada.

Also, how much is your dealer charging for the Honda extended warranty and a 2500# winch (installed).

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I payed 11,000 plus tax 15% here in moncton NB with nothing on it
Here in Calgary I can get one for $10,599.00 plus 7% GST - bone stock. Dealers won't move a dollar on the price :(
$10,600 plus 15 % tax here in Ontario .
hey canadianviking i seen one for $100.00 cheaper in calgary, but by then it comes down to your fav dealer
Stock $10,400 plus 14.5% tax in Chilliwack B.C
10,400 in Vancouver too. Anyone have any comments on the front stock skid plate, oops I mean that beer can thin shiny thing that bends when it just looks at a rock!
CanadianViking they have them advertised in their hot deals for $ 9,999.00 June/July 2004, their might be some extra charges light freight though you would have to call.

Best deals I have seen are in your home town

hope this helps

$10,400 tx in Newfoundland
I just bought mine for 12,900, with winch and snow plow, installing myself.Bought in Cochrane Ont
Man, rincon prices are high in canada. I paid $6,800 OTD for my stock rincon in Mississippi. Why are they so expensive up there. There is a place in Tennesse that sells the stock rincons for $6,500.
Canadian dollars are different than our American greenbacks. Hey, you Canucks, what do those prices equate to in American pocket change that we relentlessly blow on our never ending pursuit to remain children??
i paid 10,400 bare bones plus txs=12,000(15%) for a 2004 3 weeks ago. that is approx 7000 us. rincons are so expensive a 2004 grizzly is 8900 or 9300 for a 2005 both come with a winch.but honda is honda!
Prices on the Rincon have come down substantially around here (Calgary, Alberta). The 2005 Rincons are being listed at $9,999 + GST. Much better than before.
i can get a red 04 w/gps, for $10,038 + 14% ($11,443) Canadian.
Im into mine for 14K

addition of mudlites and C-series rims
2.5 ton warn winch
yea but today...12000 ca is = to 9600 us. ....but I could buy a new 05 for 6725 OTD in NY( as of 3 days ago)
3000 buck is 3000 buck

If a canadian bought a rincon in the US, how much are taxes to get it home?
You would have to pay GST on the purchase price in canadian dollars for sure,,, there is likley some duties to be paid as well.

The machine needs to be admisible into your province, this is somthing that you want to find out in advance, $182.00 federal inspection fee applies.

If its assemble in the USA there is no duties owed, if its assembled outside of north america there is a %6.1 duty

finaly, PST is paid on the machine at the time its lisenced in your home province.

There may be restrictions in each individual province as the gauge cluster may not be accepted under the off road vehicel act, you may be permited to replace the gauge cluster with the metric unit....

So... lets look at this,

so if we paid $6500.00 USD that = $8,087.30 CDN X 7% GST (Goods and Services Tax) = ($566.12) = 8653.42 + 182 (federal inspection fee) = $8835.42 this is pretty close to what I paid for my Rincon.

Im pretty sure that the ATV's are assembled in the USA so there should be no duty. but if there is, 8835.42 * 6.1% = 14224.03 cents.

now you have to include your travel expenses and everything else associated to the trip...

in addition to the fact that you bought it at one dealer, and now your going to try and get warranty at another...although technicaly thats OK and within the rules of the warranty, how hard do you think that dealer is going to work for you if you didnt even buy the machine from them...
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10,499 at Yukon the winch and installed for 350.00
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