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Rincon Ride in N.E.

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Rincon owners in the N.E.should get together for a ride sometime befor the snow is upon us. Any place?
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sounds good to me i live in northfield and i ride in belmont with a few people.
my machine is in the honda shop right now, it rolled down a hill and destroyed the whole ass end

let me know?
i would love to join in on the fun from ma.
I'd love to but my days off for a while are going to be traveling 2.5 hours to see my wife and daughter. Maybe next spring/summer?
I'd love to do another ride in North Stratford (NCATV Club)this year. Who's in?
Count me and the family in Formguy if its on a Sunday.
Let's see what we get for interest here and on the other forums and pick a date!
sounds like fun im in .....
How about the 23rd?
Figures. This is the first year I didn't register in NH. Decided to save some $ and just stick with Mass this year.

KC not too late to reg we actually ride a ton in the snow, lots more trails are open to us in the winter up here than what we can ride in the summer.
That a good point. I just have to try and justify paying the (what is it $80 now) fee to register for a few months.

I did miss riding up north this year, plus I'll probably head up there at the beginning of next year to ride before June 1st... hmmmmmm, the wheels in my old noggin are turning already......

I think non resident reg is $73 now,
if you are registed in ma. do you need to reggister in each state you ride in also?
I don't know about other states but in NH you need a NH or VT reg.
I am in.
I see most of the people responding are from MA or CT. Would you guys like to do a ride further south. I'm thinking SCATV in Claremont NH. Their trails are great. They have two different trail systems and both are a blast. Let me know.
im in
count me ,the wife and kid in,maybe the folks too.
What time and where are we meeting up? I have never ridden scatv, looking forward to it.
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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