Honda Rincon Forum banner end prob?

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hey man,

have you made any progress on the top end prob?
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No, I've been too busy with other things to even go riding again to try out the various suggestions people have made over on ATVTime.

I hope to find some time again in the next week or so to take it out for a ride and see what's up.

I hear ya...

OOPS...looks like I need to re-do my sig....
Okay, this just in...
Went for a quick ride today. No change in top speed. I got up to top speed (and got there pretty darn fast too -- this thing hauls butt up to that point) and then stops at 50-52 mph.

So I turned around and tried it again and pulled the choke out. No change whatsoever.

It didn't occur to me to pull the airbox lid, so I'll try that tomorrow.

On the way back from the ride I was on a wide road that went downhill. I tried again. This time I saw an indicated 53 mph. Whoopie, 1 mph improvement. Hmph.

This thing just flat STOPS accelerating at 50-52 mph.

So it seems the next test is to test the TPS and throttle slack, since I haven't done that yet. If that doesn't do it, I suppose it's off to the dealer to see if the CDI box is bad.

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What's the latest scoop on your Rinny,Rob?
Well, I went for a ride and tried again... same result. This included pulling the choke lever. It made no change at all.

They tell me I should make sure my throttle cable slack is gone... I need to do that but haven't had time yet. I thought it was but I'll check to be sure and try again.

I am on the verge of buying a rincon, a grizzly, or a sportsman. My first look is to the rincon but,.....I keep reading about (primarily in forums and in some reviews) about the "indecisive automatic transmission" trying to find the right gear. Also the lack of a good low gear. In addition, it seams like some of you are having a variety of odd problems.

Does operating in the manual 3 gear mode resolve the shifting problems? (if they really exist)

Is this machine really indicative of "honda Reliability'? Any help?

What kind of riding do you plan to do? If mostly trails, the Rincon is a good choice. If you're going to do heavily technical riding (rock climbing for example), I absolutely DO NOT recommend the Rincon... in that case, get a Grizzly. The Rincon's lack of ground clearance and lack of a low gear do not make for good rock climbing. Yes, it'll do it, but it's not nearly as much fun.

I run mine in manual shift mode almost all the time because I don't like how automatic mode shifts. It's indecisive on some hills, or it just won't stay in top gear enough. Shifting manually solves all those problems and is very easy. It's much easier than dealing with a real manual-trans machine (even with an auto-clutch).

I'm very frustrated about my top speed problem. The dealer is of no use and I'm rapidly running out of ideas to try (see my "Dealer says 52 mph top speed is NORMAL" thread). Plus there's the pull to the left and knock in the steering that I just know the dealer will also say is normal or not warranty or whatever. Trouble is, Yamaha is really no better or any other brand for that matter.

Of all my local dealers, Polaris is actually the best. The Sportsman is a good machine too. I haven't ridden one at length but I'd like to.

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RobG-I read somewhere that you run Castrol Act-Evo in all of your quads.I use th esame oil in my Foreman with great success,but havent put any in my Rincon yet because I hear they are picky about weight and brand of oil.

Have you tried running regular Honda Gn4 10-40 back in it yet.

I hope you find the problem,I love my rincon and am very satisfied so far.

Keep us up to date on possible solutions.

I just changed the oil in it yesterday and used the Honda GN4 10W40, since I had a gallon leftover. It made no difference whatsoever.

No, it's not hitting the rev limiter. RPMs are at 5600-5800 at most. And nobody can tell me what the rev limiter is on this thing.


PS: Hey, why'd you blank out your message? :)
I just read one other time when I had asked you if it was hitting the rev limiter. So I edited and just lef it blank. lol :)

I don't know what the limiter is set at either. Just put it in nuetral and full bore it and it will quickly hit the rev limiter. Just look at your tach and see what RPM it is.
Rob, I also ride in Northern Nevada (5-7,000 ft) with my stock Rincon loaded with 350 pounds of rider and gear, and pull 59-60 M.P.H. on the flats. If you pull that strongly up to 50, I have to wonder about the Engine Control Module. Have you tried resetting it? If the module has sensed a fault, it has the ability to cause similar symptoms that you describe. I don't recall the resetting steps in exact order (which they must be), but you can get them from that other forum. I'm thinking poor ignition timing which is controlled by the ECM. But beyond my guessing, there is a "poor performance at high speed" trouble shooting guide in the back of the Servisce Manual.
I know how to re initialize the computer.

Step 1.
With the vehicle stopped, put the gearshift lever in "N" (neutral), be sure that the neutral indicator comes on and turn the ignition switch to "off".

Step 2.
Turn the ignition switch to "on" while pushing the UP and Down shift switches (gearshift switches) simultaneously. The "N" on the gear position indicator starts blinking.

Step 3.
Within 5 seconds after turning the ignition switch to "ON", push and release the gearshift switches in the order of UP switch, Down switch, and UP switch. (Do not hold onto the switch)

The gear position indicator displays "- -" to indicate the system enters the intial setting mode.

If more than 5 seconds elapse or the procedures are incorrect, The "N" stops blinking and stays on. Repeat the procedures from step 1 at this time.

Step 4.
Move the throttle lever to fully closed position, then to fully open position, and then move it to the fully closed position again within 5 seconds after "- -" displays on the gear position indicator.

Step 5.
When the initial setting procedure is complete, the indication on the gear position indicator changes from "- -" to "N".

If the "- -" on the gear position indicator blinks, repeat the procedure from step 1.
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Tried the computer reset a long time ago... didn't help. I think the cam is probably the problem. And my dealer will likely continue to insist that it's "normal."

Rob, you were mentioning buying a Hot Cams Stage 1 cam? I didn't know anyone mad aftermarket cams for the Rincon yet. Besides highlifter...
I misspoke when I said Hotcams. I actually meant Webcams. Highlifter, once again, is trying to take credit for something that somebody else did. I knew all along that the Highlifter cam was from Webcams, but for whatever reason, my brain burped at the time and "Hotcams" came out instead. Rob
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