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My seasonal neighbor has had a home in our area since 1975.
He's 76 years old.
He's seen a lot of changes around here.

He took me up a mountain near us.
Hiked the last 100 feet up a granite rock slide to get to the top.
His wife's ashes are spread up there.
A pile of rocks with the names of the deceased on them up there.
Also a note book in a plastic jar that you leave a note in.
People from all over and the earliest entry in this note book is from 2015.
The neighbor said the old ledger got full so he replaced it.

Anyway the ATV ran good.
My carb work and re jetting paid off.
I had to turn the idle up a little to keep it from dying when idling.
Went from 9200 feet in elevation at our place to about 10 k where we parked the ATV's and hiked from there.

My neighbor rode a 2007 Rincon, fuel injected of course.
He has a stock 2003 like mine that has trouble going up this mountain.

Fun time.

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