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Just as FYI I am going to order the Kimpex roll cage to see how well it's built and fits& if it works OK without interfering with trail riding clearance. last week I was riding a real steep trail and the front of my Rinny started to lift & fall back. I eased of the throttle and it just backed down the slope without incident. However a friend with me wasn't so lucky. He attempted the same slope and rolled over backwards with his wife riding on it with him. They are OK, but watching it was prety hard. The were squashed real hard under the Quad. Very lucky not more serious. The Kimpex rear trunk & their helmets did alot to prevent more injury. A short roll bar might be advisable, we'll see. I may just see how it's designed and modify it for better clearances. Again this post is FYI only and not to suggest a roll bar is for everyone. Drive safe.... Bill
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