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Should I reset the ECU and performance data.

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I adjusted the throttle cable this afternoon. It had a ½” play. My question is, should the ECU be reset after the Throttle cable is adjusted? I haven’t ridden it since the adjustment, so I don’t know the performance difference, if any.

There has been a lot of talk about top speed, and rather or not the Rincon will do wheelies, here is what mine will do:

Top Speed Average 59mph
Fastest I have seen it 63mph
It will pull a vertical wheelie if I sit towards the rear of the seat, hold the back breaks, get some rpms before flooring it and releasing the break.
It will pull a 6” wheelie every time I hit it, even from a moving start.

I have 20 hours and around 80 miles. With no mods yet.

I also know that it will roll over backwards, land on you, take between 15-20 tumbles down the hill, and still crank 1st try. But you do have to bend the front racks out of the tire, put masking tape over the busted gps, and tie wrap the gps pod together.
There are a few pics at this site.
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mine only goes 53MPH..:-( and I cant get it to get the front tires off the ground for CRAP!

Signed frustrated!
I installed a dynojet last night. From a normal sitting position, if I nail it, all I see is sky!!!!!!! Top speed stayed the same.
I guess I should feel pretty fortunate. I keep reading all these post about not being able to ride wheelies, low top end, and take off bog on the Rincons. I bought 2 Rincons on the same day and so far “knock on wood” I have no problem riding wheelies on either one of them. From a normal seating position from a standstill it will flip over on me if I am not careful and I weigh 180lbs. Top speed on both is just above 60mph on level ground. Both are completely stock. No mods to either one so far. I am going to install a dyno-jet soon on both of them but I hope that it doesn’t “hurt” the performance on either one of them. I hope this doesn’t sound like bragging. I just feel lucky I suppose.
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