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snow pics from windrock tn on 12/20/2003...

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yes this is a big deal to us southeastern folks..
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Man I am SO glad I don't live in the southeast anymore. I can't live anywhere that doesn't have large amounts of snow. Here's a photo from back on November 9th. Also... I have Bighorn Radials on my Grizzly and they hold air very well. They're on Maxlite 8-spoke wheels. I love those tires. I suggest you bug the dealer you got 'em from, or even Maxxis, to replace them. Rob
Toolman, Great photos man! I really want to go to windrock so bad! I will be there as soon as christmas is over and my wife doesnt have to work 50+ hours a week anymore. From what you have seen (I saw ATR's, Titan, and Mudlites in the photos) what tire performs the best? I used to have the titans 27" I will not go that large again. I will be getting 26" in whatever I get (although I havent found 26" ATR's). I am leaning heavly towards the mudlites...however the titans are now the same price and seem to not wear as much as the mudlites...please give me your review since you have seen all these tires in the thick mud, open planes, and slippery snow...thanks!!

Rob, How deep was that snow?? Were those sleds STUCK!?! I have never seen snow deeper than about 3-4 inches... :-( good ol' south. I need to visit my wifes family in New Jersy this time of year....however there isnt ANYWHERE to ride in citys... BAH!
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Speaking of snow, a few years ago I was at a friend of a friend's house. We were walking out by his barn on top of a snow drift. I noticed a slim black line on the ground and tried to dislodge it with my boot. The guy said not to kick it. I said, "what is that". He said that it was the top of the windshield on one of his snowmobiles. He said that there were two sleds sitting on the trailer, attached to his chevy truck under the drift. The only thing showing was the little bit of windshield on the one snowmobile. Granted, it was drifted snow, but man that is some deep stuff.
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