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I bought the 2" tail pipe from Karl (listed on E-bay) and like most wanted a spark arrester. I took a chance and ordered a spark arrester from Dennis Kirk; part # 44-8710. It is cone shaped and fits very well with no modification. The base flange is tapered and fits very snuggly in the tapered opening in the stock muffler. After tightening the three bolts it is a press fit. The ID of the arrestor at the smallest point of it's taper is about 1 3/4".

I cannot detect any exhaust leak around it. The price was $13.99 and with the stainless pipe it makes a complete simple package that sounds good and should be forest legal. The screen is out of an endcap assembly that is U.S.F.S. approved.

Dennis Kirk site:;jsessionid=PDVZUIODJ3BFBLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NKIV0?catId=109&leafCatId=10903&skuId=448710

Picture of the screen:
All you get for $13.99 is the screen shown in one of the pictures; not the end caps.

I think you guys needing an arrester won't be disappointed with it.

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