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Stalling rincon

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anyone have a cure for a rincon that stalls when the throttle is let off when under a heavy load like going through mud holes and even when snapping doughnuts on the ice
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Hi NTM and Happy Birthday! I can't answer your question, however, my question is the same. My '03 Rincon has about 120 miles on it and when I'm going thru some tough stuff, it does just like yours....shuts down.

You'll be surprised. The guys (and gals) on this forum know their stuff and we should have an answer soon.
Everyone says to turn up the idle, and that does work. But then sometimes your idle may be too high. One member here, fomocofan, suggests that the real fix to the problem is to lean out the idle mixture screw. It's located on the very bottom of the carburetor. Try turning it in half a turn.
I had success by bumping the idle up a hair.
Hi again NTM! I just brought my Rincon in for it's first service. I told them what it was doing and they informed me the idle was set too low. They corrected the problem during the service and its running fine now.

Sooooooo, idle it up...just a little!!
Wait a minute Fomocofan says the right way to fix it is to adjust the A/F mixture and he's never wrong Just Ask Him!!!LOL If the idle is below the factory spec's of 1400rpm it is ok the bump up the idle to the correct RPMs.that's what I had to do to mine.
I hate to ask this and please be sure it is not meant in a negative manner...just curious. I understand how some of the user names came about. For instance: 03rincon apparently chose his name due to the year and model of his Honda; Yellow650Rincon is also kinda self-explanatory; Lizard, well I don't know; Karl, well that's just my name; but Fomocofan I have yet to figure out. I would think he is a fan of Fomoco; just haven't figured out what Fomoco is. So Fomocofan, could you enlighten a curious reader? Thanks!
I should add that it has a dyno jet kit, k&n filter, 28" mudlites on it. I have tried changing the idle and adjusting the idle mixture-this helped a little bit but it still does it. Very annoying. You guys have had the rincon a year longer than we have up here-hoping someone else has run in to this problem. It is a fairly large complaint with rincon owners up here.
Karl Think about it fomocofan (Ford Motor Company Fan)check his pic's you'll see he loves his Ford's (Me Too can't stand a Chevy)
I also have adjusted the idle and air mixture and it still dies out. This is my only complant with my new rinny. I sure hope someone (honda or one of u guys)
can figure this one out.

Oh karl, Poobah is a name I got in high school for doing well with the ladies.
(The Grand Poobah) My real name is Chad.
Lizard was a nickname given to me by my riding buddy's years ago. It's actually Long Lizard. Why it's Long Lizard...they wont tell, but there's alot of interesting theories.
Ohhhhh! It all makes sense now!!!!! Thanks!!
03, I never said I was always right, It just usually works out that way...
I wouldn't bother to post something if it was wrong or if I didn't know for sure!

Yes the idle can be turned up if it is low...If it is at 1400, 03, then it is too low...the new factory setting is 1450. They put out a bulletin to update the manual on this...
If that cures your problem, fine...your done!

I do not recommend turning the idle up higher than that...That is when you start getting out of the idle circuit...
Anyway, if you're still stalling at 1450, then you need to adjust your fuel screw...
Fomocofan,Isn't just GREAT being the center of attention all the time!LOL
I've being playing with my rincon and have got the idle down to 1200 RPM's without stalling. The Transmission dosen't seem to enguage as harsh at lower RPMs

BTW.I was just clowning with you FOMOCOFAN,your posts are generally right on the money even if everbody dosen't agree with you.
03 what have u done to get it to stop stalling at such a low idle?
How are you guys getting the rpm of the engine.... can the dash readout display it? or do you guys have a handheld reader?
Poobah,With a lot of patience and burnt hand.I've just kept tinkering with the air/fuel mixture screw untill I found a good happy medium for my kind riding.It dosen't stall on inclines or have near the harsh transmission engagement it did have with idle turned up.also it seems to start easier than it use to.

ISurvivedNMU, I use a hand held Tach. My Father in law owns a small engine business and has a lot of those special tools.

Will you have this hand held tach at your garage this weekend? I would love to set my A/F screw and idle while installing the jet kit with this tool there should be no guess work for a person with no knolodge on how it "sounds" or as one mechanic tole me..."turn it till it 'feels' right"...for an electrical engineer that is very logically minded that doesnt cut fact i paid a dealer 38 dollars to fix what i screwed up when i fooled with the A/F screw last time.. LOL... Mike, that is why I want you watching me this time and doing the final "adjustments" to the carb.. :) (even the jet kit instructions said have pro. install if not familiar) LOL!!
Glad it worked out for you, I know I take it hard sometimes, but I don't care aslong as someone might benefit from my experiences...Spread the word on this fix, I know I was happy to resolve this issue!
Jason,I'll to run by and pick it up this afternoon. See ya tomorrow

Fomo, Thats what it all about just trying to benefit others who might not have any mechanical know how and try to have a little fun at the same time picking at each other.

PS:Just always remember.... Life's to short to dance with UGLY WOMEN....
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