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To go with wheelie thread, anyone get their rinny to stoppie yet?
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If a stoppie is what I am thinking (rear end going into the air as you slam the front breaks) then there is NO FREAKING WAY I would ever want to even attempt this!!
Only on my XR. I have gone over a time or two. It wasn't a big deal on the bike. However on a 600 lb. quad it would be disastrous i believe. I don't think i'll try it.
I've done it numerous times. It works BEST in 4wd, go about 5-7 mph and slam on the brakes will pushing your weight forward with your knees clamped to the tank. It will do it in 2wd with the front brakes only too, just not as well or as easily. I've gotten the rear tires pretty high before, not too high though. I would HATE for this beast to roll on me.
Never tried it on my quad... Just on two wheels....
2 wheels
2 wheels
Holy shiiiiite.....
Whitehead you are some kind of nutter man ! any video of your madness?
Got a lot of footage of bikes,quads,fiddy's, but don't know how to post somethin like that..
You must have GI Joe Kung Fu grip to stoppie the Rincon in 2wd...I can hardly get it to stop on a CBR could do it with two fingers...I'm impressed!
Man we got some sick people on this forum. I am truly impressed. I mean really, shorts, no helmets, pretty strong stuff. I may switch my profession to insurance salesman.

I look like a mutant teenage ninja turtle when I ride my bike with all my riding gear. Have managed stoppies on the old XR. The learning curve was a bit painful though.
you're a big man for such a little scooter...heehee...what kind of top speeds you seeing on that little bugger...I'm betting it's a bit slower than the Rincon...what kind of goodies have you thrown at the fiddy? I thought about buying a pair for me and the kid but then I looked at a catalog full of fiddy parts and figured I'd blow more on a toy bike than on a real bike...
Corndog, I share your dislike for recreational pain and suffering...imagine how painful the learning curve is on $10,000 worth of plastic covered sport bike...I once had one tip over in the driveway and it cost $2000 to make new again...I hate to think about flipping it end over end..
RossB,...I can get my little 50 up to 37mph. Just a little slower than the rincon.Ha Ha!!. I have the tall BBR bar kit and gettin ready to put a 88 cc big bore kit in it sometime this winter. I've had it over a year, and haven't broke anything yet (that includes racing it on a motorcross track about twice a month also). You'd be amazed at how tough those things are, I'm 6'2 300lbs and the weight limit on it says 88lbs. How's that for Honda duribility ?.

And Corndog, I do wear a helmet,jacket & gloves most of the time when I ride, just not as much as I should.
Whitehead, I know you and i have talked/written on this forum a few times but looking at your pics you familiar, are you ever in Mentor area?
Don't ride up there too much, but I used to go out up there quite a bit. Can't say I remember you ..
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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