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"The Bottoms"- Memphis, TN

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That's my place of choice around here. If anyone is out in this area and wants to go for a ride, PM me and I'll show you around!
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i am very close to Memphis, TN. I used to live in Winchester TN. If you give me directions I would be interested in possibly meeting up around thanksgiving...maybe the friday after or thursday before?
Hey, I live about 2 hours away and may be interested. What kind of place is it? I have friends that have sport quads and 4x4's, is it more mud or trails? I like both, I just need to know which friends to invite.
Sure guys, you are all welcome! It is mainly wooded trails with some pretty good mud holes scattered around. Nice ditches, etc as well. Definately bring the mud tires LOL! You can go around most holes if you want or you can find some pretty deep stuff there too, it's as serious as you want to make it down there. We usually do anywhere from 15-40 miles in a full days ride, it just depends on how much we stop to drink )
We park at a bar right off of the I-40 and Jackson Ave. It's a little hole-in-the-wall Nascar bar. They have cameras overlooking the parking lot and we go in and have a beer and a burger every once in a while and tip real good just so they know us.
I'll check with the boss (wife) and make sure I can go the weekend after Thanksgiving. Maybe Saturday, I don't think I'm off on Friday after, but maybe. We usually leave early in the a.m. (around 7-7:30) and get down there and come home around 5-7:00 at night.
Post here if you are interested.
I will have to check with my boss (wife) as well. She would like to go, but if she cant I might have to stay back to give her a ride to work
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