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Throttle cable

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Guys, I am very new to this forum and very impressed. I was actually wanting to start a forum just for ATV'ers with the Rincon, glad to see someone did it already! I read on someones thread but now I cant find that thread. They were talking about how there was slack in the Throttle cable. I checked mine and from pushing on the thumb lever while the machine is off it takes a good bit of movement before the cable engages the needle in the carborator. How do I adjust this. I looked under the rubber boot and didn't see any screw (as I belive someone had suggested). Is there something specific I should look for?

Also, Can I have the procedure again from someone on how to adjust it correctly, I am an Electrical Engineer not a mechanic, and therefore tend to screw up mechanical things very quickly (ie. I have broken many screws and bolts off into something by overtorqing). Thank you for your help in advace.
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Jason, I found the thread you were looking for. It has everything you need to know I think )
Thank you Tim. I will actually print this post and try to follow it verbatium at home tonight.
No problem. Let me know if you have any problems and I'll be glad to help you out.
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