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Tires - Why the difference?

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Last weekend I ended up puncturing the sidewall of one of my rear tires. Keep in mind I only had 46 miles on them (just bought the Rinny 2 mos. ago). I call the dealership and ask for a replacement tire. They said it would take 2 wks to get in another Ohtsu. They said they had a Dunlop KT406 with a similar tread that was $30 less ($65) than the Ohtsu. So I buy a 25X10-12 Dunlop KT406 and have it mounted. Take it home and throw it on. Now all my Rinny wants to do is go in circles because the new Dunlop is shorter than the original Ohtsu 25X10-12. I'm lost! If they are stamped the same size, then why aren't they? Now I have to go buy another tire to match! If I buy a 285/75/r16 BFGoodrich and a 285/75/r16 Goodyear, they are both the same - regardless of make. Why should there be any difference on ATV tires?
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Take the tire back and just buy some ATR's or Bighorns.
I couldn't imagine why two 25" tall tires aren't the same height. I would probably call them back and tell them what the deal is. Your better off selling the stockers and buying some good aftermarket tires anyway, I plan on doing it soon. Mine are getting worn pretty badly already with 435 miles on them.
You dont see very many tires that do match the advertised height.You need to get that tire off ASAP before you ruin your differential and it can happen very easily so I've heard!
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