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Trim up air box??

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Did everyone else have to shave off a little bit of plastic on the airbox cover and lid to get their K & N Airfilter to fit??

Just curious

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I didn't have to, just gotta fight it in there a little bit and it fits ok now.
I wrestled with mine and finally shaved about an eigth of an inch off the top and bottom slots.
Hope I didnt screw anything up.Oh well it fits now.

No trimming required when I installed my K&N this morning. It fit nicely.

Did you make sure that the K&N was seated in front of the fins in the bottom / rear of the air box? If not, I could see where the back of the filter might have been a bit to tall.
Yes, I had to trim some off. The reason being is that HL and other atv supply places were selling Rubicon filters b/c they will fit the Rincon (if you do some trimming). You got a Rubicon filter same as me.
Are these filters for the Rubi have a good enough fit for the Rinny?

It seemed like it fit the intake ok?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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