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I'm buying an ATV by the end of this month, and several weeks ago I had pretty much decided on the Rubicon...BUT...I have found a dealer that is selling '05 Rincons for about $6500 out-the-door (no tax and no fees). I will have to visit this same dealer in order to get a decent price on a Rubi ($5800 out the door) because the dealers around here won't let one go for less than $6k, plus their stupid setup fee and Illinois sales tax. $800 is a lot of money, but not when you're already spending damn near 7k anyway. I need to be able to pull a mower deck over 4 acres of bumpy terrain (I wouldn't call it rough) and plow a moderate amount of snow without wishing I had a low gear. Keeping that in mind, here are my choices with my $7k spending limit:

1. '04 Rubicon with a winch and maybe a Warn 424 unlocker or upgraded tires on stock rims

2. '05 Rincon - stock for awhile....maybe a long while
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If I where you I buy the rincon.
Just my opion.
Good pic! mudman03 lol I'm not even going to ask.
You wouldnt bleave me anyway
I pull a mower with mine with no problems
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