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valve clearance adjustment?

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i have a 03 rincon with 800 miles on it. i've had it for about 9 months now. i don't trust any local dealers to service it for the obvious reasons. it runs great in every way, just did oil changes myself. did'nt get the shop manual yet, the valves have not been checked yet at all and i'm getting nervous. is the valve clearance adjustment really bad or could i do it with minor informational help? btw been doing engine and trans rebuilding for 30 years now.
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Are they starting to tick?

Here is what the regular owners manual says for valve clearance.

Valve clearance (cold): Intake: 0.006 in. (0.15 mm) Exhaust: 0.013 in (0.33 mm)
well actually i was wondering the procdure. if anyone has the shop manual. mabey they could be so kind as to fax the page or two about valve clearance prcedure to me at my work (609-641-0592). the owners manual i have states that the valves are to be checked at 100 miles, and every 600 mi. thereafter. at 800 miles i've had no clearance check. they are not making noise i'm concerned with them getting to tight and burning a valve.
thanks rich
Sorry, don't have the service manual and haven't ever set them myself. Most of the time the valves do not tighten up, but there is a small chance they will. From the factory, Honda makes them a tad bit tight to compensate after breakin so they don't need set so quickly. It never hurts to check though and it would be a good idea to. As soon as you find out how, go ahead and do it. Good luck.
invest in a shop manual,tells you exactly how to do it.The manual will save you money.
yo frank whats up! where the hells randolph? hey somebody from jersey.
i know i gotta get a manual, i got alot of sh1! going on. i got the wife a quad and myself a rincon then a trailer to haul 4 quads, with my 2 boys 90s. then the 2001 polaris 90 goes down, gotta rebuild the upper end. ever go to paragon adventure park? (hazelton, pa.) the rinny rules there (check out my pics in my profile)i also got a great 4x4 riding spot by egg harbor city(atlantic county) free and local for me(hammonton area) drop me an email if you want to do paragon or my local spot.
later rich
I was just in one of the two dealers in my area Saturday picking up a Strong Built front basket. I happened to go by the service department and notice on their board that they charge $19.95 for a valve adjustment. It didn't seem that bad. But since I have the service manual on order, I think I will try it myself the first time.
$19.95??? And it isn't there now?? Take it young man!!!!!!
It is tempting, except for the fact that it is an hour drive. I think I can do it myself in less time than half the drive. I did them before on my Honda FatCats. Finding and holding TOp Dead Center was usually the hardest part. Maybe after attempting it on the Rinny I will decide the drive and $19.95 is worth it.
TDC on the Rinny is a bear... best tip is to take the spark plug out before you try. It took me about 10 times before I got to TDC (on the right stroke) and not spinning past, since it likes to keep on moving (never had that on other machines... go figure).

It is super easy. Take off the left side plastic, remove the tank, remove the plastic between the tank and engine and there are the valve covers just waiting to be opened up. The job shouldn't take more than an hour... They're not shim under buck cams so simple tools and a good feeler guage set is all you need.

I checked mine at about 300 miles and they were pretty good.. not worth adjusting (a smidge tight)
I just payed $85.00 to get my valves adjusted at a Honda dealer. They told me the valves were in spec at 100 miles. I bet they never even took any plastic off and just listened to the engine. I will never know. However, It would probably be a good idea to have some sort of service record indicating valve adjustement from a dealer especially during breakin in the event you need repair in the future. Unfortunately, it is hard to trust these dealers. I never get the same answer from different dealers. They all try to milk you out of every dime and sell you these expensive services. Everyone should keed good service records and save all receipts even for oil and filter purchases. It may help.
This is slightly off topic but I am going to interject this because its just such good information. In regards to the keep all recepts PLEASE DO! I had a friend that got his oil changed at one of those quick lube places...well, he left there and drove about 200miles and then the engine starting acting up very badly (heavy pinging ect...) he took it to a delear and they were astonished to find that the lube place didn't put the drain bolt in good enough and it must have vibrated out..the engine had to be rebuilt...over $2000 worth of damage!! He went to talk to the lube place to get them to foot the bill. The guy laughed and said proove that we changed your oil! Luckly he had the receipt. So they guy agreed that they did change the oil, but ended up having to sue because they would claim liability for the drain bolt..long story short my buddy won and got a brand new engine!!
Pargt- Adjusted my valves today and for $19.95 I would jump on it. What a deal.
Dealer wants $180.00 to adjust valves here!! Hmmm, 19.95 seems too inexpensive.
I would advise calling around. The first dealer I called wanted 180 the second I called 70 and the one I am going to wanted 45. I think its just the cost of the labor from their mechanic because the last place I talked to said hang on I will go ask the mechanic what he gets per hour...came back and told me it would take about 1.5 hours and the mechanic said he gets 30/hour for his work (i am sure large part of this goes to the dealership).
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