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Washing out Air box

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Wanted to wash all the sand and crud out of my air box and clean the filter but was concerned about getting water into the intake and the two breather tubes. Couldn't quite decide how to do it and keep the water out, but after looking around the garage, hit on the idea of using a throw away rubber glove that I keep around for changing oil, etc. I cut off two fingers and put one over each breather, held in place with a rubber band. I then use another one and put it over the intake opening. Worked pretty well.
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I just bought the K&N re-charger and cleaned my filter and air box as-well. I pulled the drain tube off the bottom rear of the air-box, then I just used a damp cloth to wipe down the air box while letting the larger particles go down the drain opening. I had to use a flat head screw driver to work the cloth into the tight spots while cleaning the box. That worked pretty well too. Just don't forget to reinstall the drain tube...
Hey guys, I wanted to know if anyone had had good tips on cleaning the K&N filter? Is there any good places to get the re-charger kit at a good price and any tips you have for this process. Thanks in advance for the help.
You should be able to get the re-charger kit at any local auto parts store, make sure you let it set after applying the cleaner and always rinse from the inside out. Also give it plenty of time to dry before re-oiling, don't force dry it with a hairdryer or heat gun, give it time.
Instead of flushing the crud out, try just wetting it with a spray bottle of soapy water then sucking it out with a wet/dry shop vac.
Thanks Jason and RinTinTin for the help. Hey, I have an Airhog (by Fram) air filter on my V-8 Ford Explorer and I bought the recahrger kit for that at Wal-Mart for $9.54. A guy here at AutoZone said that it will work for the K&N filter because they are basically the same thing. Savin' a few bucks there. My airbox wasn't too bad so I just used a household cleaner and some clean rags to get that cleaned up.
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