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What do you do ?

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What does every one do to keep there Rincon from getting new parts ?

I grease my seals every 600 miles and change the oil.

Adjsust the valves

I greases all A- arm and shock bushings

Put di-electric grease in all electrical connections.

Put my mini snorkel .
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I change the oil ever 30 hours and will plan to do the valves probably every 60 to 90, or as needed. I'll probably do the grease thing about as often as you do too.

never thought of that...

...I usually just ride 'till somethin' breaks and then replace it...j/k...
What are you putting all the grease on, Do you take the things apart to grease or just spray it on
Red Rider , you need to remove the wheels and then the Hub's .
history 101, this guy didn't want to buy new parts for his rincon must be before the mod your stuff era came about
Thats like someone else we now.

Mark's been on here for a long time. He just visited a few weeks ago and he is memeber #29. Joined in 2003 within the first week that the site opened.Hell this is probably one of the first threads on the site.

You digging pretty deep there buddy!
I change the oil on time, keep a check on all my fluids and pretty much just ride it like I have some common sense.
Lil I went to the very last maintenace post and brought it backI thought it would be interesting to bring some of the oldest posts back to see if we have progressed or not lol
Shit! I thought this was a new topic.LMAO
I was kind of confused when I saw this thread. I would have to say, just ride it until it breaks, then order parts from BKR.
It's good to dug up those old threads. No telling what kinda of good info came out back in the day!

Good idea mudbuddy.
I ride it until it stops working, then I pull out my shotgun and shoot it a few times, push it over the cliff into the deepest part of my lake, then go and buy a new one. Maintenance is for sissies.
first thing i noticed was the member # as i didnt recognice the names.Q user member # 4.well before my time.
Woody are you from the future ? 09/07/2008
LOL,i guess i better set the date on the camera.I cant belive i didnt notice that.Thanks CREEK.
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