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why wont this thing run

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i need help bad. i went for a ride the other day we were goin down a dirt road that turned to water. while crossing this water it got about 5 feet deep which just topped my snorkel. after pumping water out of cylinder it ran for a moment the died now thats all it does. starts and dies this is a new 680 and i dont know to much about the FI. any help is appreciated.
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Pull the spark plug and check it out. It may have fouled on you. Check spark by ground the plug on the head while cranking. You should be able to smell if you have fuel.
pull the air filter and clean it and dry it. make sure the box is dry wipe it down. have you changed the oil? better do that also.good luck
I would also check your fuel in the tank. It may be a good idea to drain it and refill with fresh fuel.
Another thing to check, and this is just pulling off the top of my head, is your fuses. Take each one out and make sure the contacts aren't wet. Take some aerosal contact cleaner and spray the fuse block down really good to get rid of any water that maybe in there. For your safety, you might want to unhook your battery while you are doing this. I have seen this happen before.
MY thought is if it starts then dies it might be more of a fuel problem, or air problem not sure of how it's set up but probably fuel is injected into the throtle body. If you got water into the cylinder it came it through the air box/filter, and got gunk in the throttle body and the injector. If you cleaned the air filter and air box and don't help check the fuel injection/throttlebody just a something else to check.
starts and dies hmmmm sounds to me like no spark when in the run position but has spark in the crank position check for power at the coil primary side in both crank and run
mudbuddy, I don't think the Rincon is wired that way. When you turn on the key the ignition is powered. When you hit the started button all it does is engage the starter. That's why you can also pull start it.
i am not for sure if the carb has a drain on it, but it might, unscrew it and let some gas flow out.

check the airbox for water
pull the plug and crank it over a little bit,
His is fuel injected. No carb to drain.
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lol thought you were serious there for a sec.
Harley Dog I know..but I also didn't know if there was a drain or something on the throttlebody. sorry I should have specified.

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i hope you get it figured out
I think Low water was serious, just look at his photo album. :) You can't get much deeper than that Low.
no they both live in same town and he said cuz they are probably related, but being a yankee with ridge runner roots I don't want to know how, nor do I care lol
You don't need to explain anything Mud, my wife is from just up the road in Waukesha. :)
elwood lol I checked out his pics and the one with the cooler almost sunk cracked me up ya gotta wonder if he has tadpoles swimmin with his beer and sandwiches
The fuel pump for the efi has a drain on it. It's the canister looking thingy right in front of the motor under the gas tank. The plug is on the very bottom of the canister. It looks like it would be pretty easy to reach. Just something else you can try. Honda put the fuel pump there for that reason.
I don't have the 2006-07 Rincon manual so this may not be correct. Basic fuel injection workings kind of go like this. When you turn on the key the fuel pump should start and pressurize the system for start up. It then shuts off until it gets a signal from the ECM that the engine is running. Once it gets that signal it will start operating in normal mode until the key is turned off and the cycle starts again. It does this so the fuel pump does not keep running if you left the key on let's say.

With this in mind, there may be a problem with the fuel pump circuit. A wet or bad connection stopping the run signal to the ECM or fuel pump. I would get a manual and check the wiring diagram. Check all the connectors in that circuit. I would also drain the fuel tank and the canister and refill with fresh fuel.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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thanks everyone got it running seems to be runnin good to so lets keep our fingers crossed. i looked and didnt see a drain on the pump after removing the pump though i did find some muddy water down in the bottom of the canister. looks like its time to go down that dirt road again hope she makes it back¿

p.s. mudmuddy i dont think he had room for sandwiches ;O
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