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why wont this thing run

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i need help bad. i went for a ride the other day we were goin down a dirt road that turned to water. while crossing this water it got about 5 feet deep which just topped my snorkel. after pumping water out of cylinder it ran for a moment the died now thats all it does. starts and dies this is a new 680 and i dont know to much about the FI. any help is appreciated.
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Now that you can keep it running, I would suggest that you change your oil and filter, run some iso through the fuel system to remove any residual moisture, and then take it out for a long run on a hot day.
use some mystery oil the racers swear by it when they flood there machines in little too much.also even local mechanic said same thing.
Harley Dog,
“When you turn on the key the fuel pump should start and pressurize the system for start up. It then shuts off until it gets a signal from the ECM that the engine is running.”
My 2008 Rincon won’t do this part. I checked all fuses and wiring. Referred to my service manual and it tells me to replace ECM…
Any other suggestions?
I suppose you could remove the canister and pull out the fuel pump. Then connect it directly to 12 volts and see if it runs. If it does then that means it's not getting current from the system and you may indeed need a new ECM. If it dosen't run then the fuel pump is bad. Good luck.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts