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Winch mounting???????????????????/

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Where the heck do you put the solenoid pack when installing a 2500# Ramsey? I was thinking of making/putting a bracket between the front fender supports so it would mount betwwen the radiator cap and the steering stem. I can't really think of any other spot where it would be anymore out of the elements other than maybe in the air box but that seemed like it would really be a pain. Any help or input would be appreciated.
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I went through the same thing. I ended up mounting it under the right fender, to the rear, in the area that is somewhat protected (Like in the engine area).I used an exsisting hole for the fender bracket, so there was no drilling.It really worked out pretty good and is out of the way. I will submit a photo.
There is a large area on the back of the air box that is the suggested mounting place for contactors when using a Montana Jack's receiver system. i have heard of several mounted there including my own. Drilled through the box and sealed the holes to keep out water. Keeps the cables up and out of the way. Might depend on the length of your cables.
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